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Here at Pennwoods, showing our horses is a very important part of our business. It allows us to promote our stallions and advertise our stock. Traveling the show circuit also enables us to meet fellow draft horse enthusiasts and potential customers. Each season our itinerary includes about 10 major shows in the United States and Canada, as well as some smaller shows and the occasional exhibition. The following photos depict some memorable moments in the show ring for the “Pennwoods Percherons”.


Congress 6 Des Moines, IA
Starting in 2010, we assembled a six horse hitch of registered Percheron mares for
Pete Tripp and Jane Gray of Trippcrest Farms, Harrison, ME. We campaigned them successfully that season
and topped it off with a World Championship title at Des Moines, IA.


We continued our journey into 2011 with this hitch, adding some exciting young 3 yr olds.
We finished the year off with a win in the Mare Six Horse Hitch class at the MI Great Lakes International.
Our show season was not over though. The Trippcrest mares are invited to compete at the
North American Six Horse Hitch Classic Finals in Denver, January 2012.


NAERIC DRAFT HORSE FUTURITY, Meadeville, PA - Sept, 2011
Silver Oak KC Wave

1st Place... Silver Oak KC Wave,
shown by Chad Cole


2nd Place... Northern Lights Contessa,
shown by Jordan Cole

2008 Reserve World Champion Six Horse Hitch, shown here warming up.
5 of the 6 mares had never been in the show ring before the World Show.


2008 National Champion Six and 4 Horse Hitch

2008 MGLI Winning Percheron Mare 4 up

Bittersweet Unexpected Surprise
Grand Champion Mare at the 2008 MGLI.

Rooks Golden Diamond
Grand Champion Mare at the 2008 Toronto Royal
Fit and exhibited for Mr. David Anderson, ONT, Canada

....and a little off topic

Handler, Cindy Spangler, show our Ibizan Hound, Bramblewood's Army of Anubis, to victory.