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Exotic Poultry - Oriental Gamefowl & Japanese Silkies

Breeding quality Silkies and Maylay & Shamo game fowl.

Bearded and non-bearded Silkies. Black, white, blue and Splash colored. Some "naked necked".
Black and Spangled Shamo hens and some young stags.
Red/Black Maylay stags and some Wheaton Maylay hens.

New hatches will be available spring 2009.


A young Blue Silkie rooster.

A Splash colored Silkie rooster


A young white and splash Silkie

A Maylay hen with some of her hatch

A group of young Silkies

Maylay breeding rooster.

A spangled Shamo rooster with his group of hens

Spangled Shamo stag


Maylay rooster and some young hens

A young tri-spangled Shamo stag

Shamo hen

A group of Shamo juveniles