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Lucasia Bismark
“Tremendous Outcross Potential”
Lucasia Bismark   One of our newest editions to the Pennwoods Stud, Bismark is a Canadian-bred stallion with a wealth of pedigree behind him. He is an outcross for most of the current popular bloodlines in the Percheron hotbed, which makes him a great asset to the breed.

Bismark is a big, rugged horse with huge bottoms. His size, substance and amount of bone will make him a popular choice for some of the more refined mares. He has great movement and most importantly, a super disposition. His first foals here at Pennwoods are just now hitting the ground and we are very impressed with the results. Watch for pictures of his foals as we get them posted and also for his offspring in the show ring this upcoming season.

We welcome Bismark to our breeding program and look forward to your inspection of him.

Lucasia Bismark • #282722
Black with no white. • DNA #PN1759 • Foaled 5/19/1996
Sire: Raona Commanding Knight
Dam: Lucasia Candy by Davidson Ricinus
Stud Fee: $500


"Lucasia Bismark is proving himself one of the most exciting breeding stallions alive. A horse that offers a new dimension for the Percheron enthusiast, he has made a promising beginning as a breeding horse. While few offspring have, to date, surfaced in public, the promise these youngsters offer has their respective owners excited. In fact, very few Lucasia Bismark offspring are currently offered for sale. "Bismark" offers a different genetic mix, which progressive breeders have been searching for. He has tremendous bottoms, a wealth of flat, well chiseled, quality bone, plus the sharp, strong joints, free of flesh and fluid - so important to a big, active, upstanding horse, if it is to remain sound. A horse full of motion, "Bismark" is a high-octane horse in action. A stallion bred to motor, he is a born athlete!"

~Bruce A. Roy (percheron pedigree specialist)
Cremona, AB Canada

Examples of Lucasia Bismark Offspring
Black Hollow Melody
Pennwoods Avalon

Black Hollow Melody (left hand mare) Third place Yeld Mare (4-6 years) at the 2004 World Percheron Congress and part of the Black Hollow Percherons Registered Mare Six Up.


Pennwoods Avalon - high selling Percheron female at the 2006 PA Draft Horse Sale.
Pennwoods Poison
  Pennwoods Poison - 2 year old stallion by Bismark and out of Pennwoods Revelation. A good example of how the King daughters are going to cross with Bismark.      
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